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About Me

My name is Shanara; I'm a Careers and Wellbeing Coach, TEDx Speaker, two-time British Championship medalist and Performance Lifestyle Practitioner for UK Athletics.

​My mission is to help others achieve more than they believe they can, while looking after their wellbeing. Particularly after overcoming major injury, surgery and mental health challenges myself.

I bring this passion to support others' success into my work with elite athletes and in my business 'Shanara Coaching'.

I believe we all have the right to rest, success and joy.

About Me: About Me

The turning point

In 2019, I invested a lot into my physical and mental health, in a way I never had before.

I am what many would call a 'high achiever', but it wasn't until I worked with a career coach myself and then learned how to manage my own physical and mental health conditions that I really began to thrive.

In 2019, I overhauled my diet, routine, training and career. Then in 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, I became a 2 x British Championship Triple Jump medallist. In my roles in workplace wellbeing and equality at the University of Hertfordshire, I was recognised with 3 different awards in 2021; Rising Star UK, Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence, Highly Commended Professional Staff Member of the Year. This was despite sustaining a major injury in early 2021 and spending the majority of the year on crutches.

The strategies I've learned and developed over the years also led to my successful rehabilitation after surgery on my Achilles rupture and bone bruise in 2021 - One of my proudest achievements.

That was also the year I completed my first coaching certification so I could help others achieve their career goals, without compromising their own health and wellbeing.

In 2022, a further award followed to recognise the progress made in Workplace Wellbeing, the area I then led on in Higher Education; the Inspiring Herts Workplace Wellbeing Award.

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My Experience

Passionate about supporting people from diverse backgrounds, I have extensive experience line-managing, training and coaching individuals and diverse teams. Including professionals and students from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority backgrounds, different genders, sexualities, people with long-term health conditions and more. Teams I have managed include workplace wellbeing champions, equality advocates, marketing professionals and event co-ordinators. My experience includes working in the public sector, higher education, agencies and charities.

Education / Qualifications

PGCert in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, ILM, 2023 - Present (in progress)

Coaching Certification, MOE Foundation, recognised by the Association for Coaching, 2021

Association for Coaching Associate Membership, 2021

IOSH Certificate in Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing, 2021

Strength and Conditioning Levels 1, 2 and 3, 2021

IOSH Certificate in Stress Awareness, 2019

SafeTALK: Suicide Alertness for Everyone, 2019

Samaritans Active Listening Skills, 2019

PGCert in Business and Management (Equivalent), University of Hertfordshire, 2017

UK Athletics, Coaching Assistant, 2015

English (BA), University of Leicester, 2014

Recent Awards / Recognition

Finalist (University of Hertfordshire), Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Inspiring Hertfordshire Workplace Wellbeing Awards, 2022

Named within the National AdvancedHE Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence, 2021

Nominated 'Living the Values', University of Hertfordshire Vice Chancellor's Awards, 2022

Nominated 'Community Contribution' and 'Team of the Year' for workplace wellbeing, University of Hertfordshire Vice Chancellor's Awards, 2022

Safety and Health Practitioners: Rising Star UK Finalist, 2021

Highly Commended Professional Staff Member of the Year, University of Hertfordshire Vice Chancellor's Awards, 2021

National AdvancedHE Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence, 2021

2 x British Championship silver medalist, 2020

About Me: About

My Coaching Style

I want to be the critical thinking partner for you, that I wish I had earlier.

With a focus on mindset, wellbeing and long-term solutions, I create a non-judgemental and safe space where my clients feel comfortable to express their full identity and find practical tools to move forward and excel.

My clients often feed back that I bring a calm and encouraging energy to our sessions, which helps them to open up and see things from a new perspective.

But don't take my word for it:

About Me: Text

Work with me if:

  • You are ready to make lasting, positive changes in your life that work for you

  • You want to enjoy physical activity and making balanced, healthy choices (Every person is different and I'm not here to preach every day gym workouts & salads)

  • You want to develop your inner confidence and quiet self-criticism

  • Overcome imposter syndrome and a fear of failure

  • Never feel like you have enough time to reach your goals or look after your health and wellbeing

  • Navigate through change and adversity so you can bounce back stronger

  • Are ambitious or feel stuck and want to progress

  • Know what you want to achieve, but can’t quite seem to find the motivation to take action

  • Want to regain your spark, energy and sense of fulfillment

  • Want to be more disciplined and feel less overwhelmed

  • Would benefit from a new perspective

  • You want to re-discover your purpose and find clarity about what you want in life

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Ready to make a change?

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