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1:1 Client Testimonials


Nicky G

The immediate impact of working with Shanara was that I was able to set up positive habits for my goals that seamlessly fit in with my lifestyle.

I am now empowered to adhere to my boundaries over instant gratification (read: social media scrolling!)

I am also thrilled that as a result of the practices established, I have increased my fitness by going to the gym more regularly, applied for more jobs, including attending interviews, and have dedicated time to self-reflection, meditation and journaling.


Kelechi A

While working with Shanara, I gained structure and was able to put plans in place to help my progress. I have a clear vision rather than just muddling through things.

Since working with Shanara, I have been steadily achieving great results — particularly, where my career and health goals are concerned.

I believe that anyone who’s going through life changes and is feeling a bit stuck, not knowing where to begin, would benefit immensely from Shanara's services.


Roniqua G

Before working with Shanara I was trying to solve what types of career path to move into next, ways to build confidence and find my voice.

I am now clearer on my priorities which enables me to see the bigger picture and achieve my goals.

The sessions were very pleasant and I felt listened to. I also felt like Shanara understood me and my problems.

Testimonials: 1:1 Client Testimonials

Group Workshop Testimonials

Testimonials: Group workshop Testimonials

I liked that the workshop I attended had a very relaxed & friendly atmosphere; Shanara is so welcoming and approachable. She was clear in what she was saying and her workshop flowed really well.

Ama N

Talks / Panel Discussion Testimonials

Testimonials: Group workshop Testimonials

I really loved Shanara's segment. I particularly enjoyed the polls and the information around keeping active.

I try and swim every lunch as I’m lucky enough to have a pool near our office. It’s something I really missed when working remotely over lockdown and I feel that it definitely keeps me on track in work and life. That being said, when things are really busy I often push the swim to the end of the day or skip it. It’s so good to hear Shanara speak as it helps to give me the confidence to commit to lunchtime exercise, not just because I enjoy it but to help my overall well-being, long term health, and productivity.

Since I heard Shanara speak last month I’ve bumped up my lunchtime swim to 1600m thanks to more consistency and have stuck to it! Feeling great!

Sam Viera, People Experience and Communications Manager


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